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Double Hung

730, New Construction DH with built-in J-channel

730J, New Construction DH without J-Channel

700, Replacement DH No J-channel, No Nailing Fin

Our Double-Hung provides with ultimate quality, durability, great look and strength.

Both sashes slides vertically for ideal ventilation, and each sash tilt into making it easy to clean interior and exterior glass surfaces.

Our Double-Hung windows are custom made to fit your home, save on energy bills, improve the look of your home both inside and out.

New Construction Double Hung TG730 Exterior

New Construction Double Hung TG730 Exterior New Construction Double Hung TG730J Exterior Replacement Double Hung TG700 Exterior Double Hung Interior View Double Hung Tilt out side view Double Hung Tilt out side view

Series / Types: Double Hung tilt

Test Size: As Tested per AAMA 101 / I.S. 2-97 / Gateway (44"x60")

Min Size: Width 16" x Height 24"

Max Size: Width 112" x Height 82"


Structural Rating: DP35, DP50, Impact Rated Available, in accordance with AAMA 101-97

Forced Entry: Grade 10, in accordance with AAMA 101-97

NFRC / Energy Star: Rating simulations available for various glass packages


Frame Depth: 3 1/4"

Frame Color: Cream White or Tan/Beige

Frame style: TG730 OR TG730J, Integral J-Channel with Brickmold exterior shape / TG700, Exterior bevel

Sill Type: Slope sill, no weep (TG730/TG730J)

Receptor Groove: Face mount

Cream White

Sash Removal: Tilt-in

Balance system: TG730 / TG730J, Inverted block & tackle / TG700, Constance force coil balance

Truth Locks: Cam

Keepers: Top mounted (1/4" base)

Lift Rail / Pull Stile: Integral Handles on top and bottom rail

Glazing System: Exterior glazed bead

Reinforcement: Keeper rail / Lock rail


Overall Thickness (OAT): 7/8"

Glass Type: Clear, LOW-E270, LOW-E366, Tinted, Tempered, Obscure


Grid types: 5/8" Flat, 13/16" Flat, 11/16" Contour, 1" Contour

Pattern: Regular HK Windows Standard, Prairie 6Lites, Prairie 9Lites, and other custom patterns available


Screen: 1/2 screen or Full screen (Restriction may apply)

Gas: Standard with LE270 glass

Lock: Wide, deep interlocks

Latch: recessed "tilt" latches

Dual weatherstripping at the meeting rail
Dual weatherstripping around perimeter of sash


Limited Lifetime Warranty