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Fixed / Shape

9251, New Construction SH Fixed Window

781, New / Replacement DH Fixed Window

9251B, New Construction SH Fixed Shape Window

730B, New / Replacement DH Fixed Shape Window

HK Windows offers a virtually limitless variety of standard and custom shapes and fixed windows. Matching profiles to your operable units are available for consistent look.

Fixed windows and shapes can be used to provide beautiful views, design accents, or add extra style to a window grouping. Fixed windows do not open.

Let us help customize your home!

Circle Shape 730 Matching Profile Exterior View

Circle Shape 730 Matching Profile Exterior View Half Round Shape 730 Matching Profile Exterior View Half Round Shape 700 Replacement Matching Profile Exterior View Half Round Shape 730 Matching Profile Interior View

Series / Types: Picture Window (Direct Glazed)

Test Size: As Tested per AAMA Gateway (60"x60")

Min Size Fixed: Width 11 1/2" x Height 11 1/2"*

Max Size Fixed: Width 112" x Height 82"*

*Min Á Max size may vary depending on the glass availability and shape of the unit. Contact office for more information.


Structural Rating: DP35, DP50, Impact Rated Available, in accordance with AAMA 101-97

Forced Entry: N/A

NFRC / Energy Star: Rating simulations available for various glass packages


Frame Depth: 3 5/32" or 3 1/4", depending on the profile

Frame Color: Cream White or Tan/Beige

Frame style: Exterior bevel

Receptor Groove: Universal, Face mount

Cream White

Overall Thickness (OAT): 3/4" or 7/8"

Glass Type: Clear, LOW-E270, LOW-E366, Tinted, Tempered, Obscure


Grid types: 5/8" Flat, 13/16" Flat, 11/16" Contour, 1" Contour

Pattern: Regular HK Windows Standard, Prairie 6Lites, Prairie 9Lites, and other custom patterns available


Screen: None

Gas: Available, Standard with LE270 glass


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Half Round
Eye Brow
Quarter Round
Arch with Legs