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Single Hung

9220, New Construction SH with built-in J-channel

9200, New Construction SH without J-Channel

Our Single-Hung is designed with many of the distinctive looks and features found in more expensive windows.

Our Single-Hung Series is a window that is appropriate for nearly any home. This popular type of window features a stationary top sash and a bottom sash that slides vertically. A Terrific Looking Window!

New Construction SH 9220 Front View

New Construction SH 9220 Front View New Construction SH 9200 Front View New Construction SH Rear View New Construction SH Side W/ Sash Tilt-Out

Series / Types: CS 9220 Single Hung with Brickmold / Integral J-Channel

Test Size: As Tested per AAMA 101 / I.S. 2-97 / Gateway (44"x60")

Min Size: Width 14" x Height 24"

Max Size: Width 112" x Height 82"


Structural Rating: DP35 OR DP50 Available, in accordance with AAMA 101-97

Forced Entry: Grade 10, in accordance with AAMA 101-97

NFRC / Energy Star: Rating simulations available for various glass packages


Frame Depth: Strong, Durable 3 5/32" wide frame

Frame Color: Cream White or Tan/Beige

Frame style: Integral J-Channel with Brickmold exterior shape

Sill type: Slope sill, weeped

Cream White

Sash Removal: Tilt-in / Take-out

Balance system: Inverted block & tackle

Truth Locks: Cam

Keepers: Face mounted

Lift Rail / Pull Stile: Handle on bottom rail

Glazing System: Exterior glazed rail

Reinforcement: Keeper rail / Lock rail


Overall Thickness (OAT): 3/4"

Glass Type: Clear, LOW-E270, LOW-E366, Tinted, Tempered, Obscure


Grid types: 5/8" Flat, 13/16" Flat, 11/16" Contour, 1" Contour

Pattern: Regular HK Windows Standard, Prairie 6Lites, Prairie 9Lites, and other custom patterns available


Screen: 1/2 screen

Gas: argon gas available

Lock: Wide, deep interlocks

Latch: recessed "tilt" latches

Weatherstripping: Dual weatherstripping at the meeting rail

Dual weatherstripping around perimeter of sash


Limited Lifetime Warranty